The Duck

We’re putting on a play about the mythical autistic woman to reveal just what being human is all about

Lucy Theobald as The Duck

The Duck can be viewed as an encouraging, accurate and ultimately human interpretation of feminine spectrum-hood.

“Poetic and political, the play pushed past binary stereotypes and ‘othering’. I stood to applaud.”

Emma Robdale Disability Arts Online
Lucy Theobald as The Duck

“Lloyd-Williams’s brilliance is that she enables the non-autistic person to inhabit her mind, to loan it for a brief yet vivid moment. This is not the usual autism shtick so many autistic people have come to dread, this is something wholly new”

Sonia Boué Museum for Object Research
200Lucy Theobald and her memories as The Duck

“So funny, so moving and so heart-warming”

Sue Smee, Ruskin Mill

Lucy Theobald in rehearsals

“Fast-paced, frenetic, funny, intelligent, occasionally sad, incredibly engaging and informative performance. This is the sort of autistic performance that I want to see, and that I want non-autistics to see”

Paula Sanchez Autism Advocate

Lucy Theobald as The Duck

“Lucy’s energetic acting and Rhi’s masterful writing combine wonderfully so whether you yourself have autism, you have family members with autism or you know nothing about it, this is well worth a watch for a fun and informative experience”

Seraphina Allard-Bridge Barnstaple TheatreFest

Written by and developed with the advice of Rhi Lloyd-Williams, Autistic Writer and Autism Advocate


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Updates for The Duck

In these unprecedented times it’s hard to know what to say. One of the advantages of being autistic is that I often turn to just saying what I want to at these times, rather than falling back on meaningless platitudes. It doesn’t feel like a time for platitudes, it feels like a time for honesty. …

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