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Jo Loyn









“I hatched up this plan to develop the play, ‘The Duck’, after talking to Rhi about her Autism. It seemed to be an important story to tell, and she is an outstanding writer. So here we are …at the start of an exciting journey…” – Jo Loyn

Jo left Dartington College of Arts in 1979 with a degree in Theatre, going on to work as an actor with many theatre companies, often for long contracts. Including, Daylight Theatre Company, Drumbeat – the community and Theatre in Education wing of Plymouth Theatre Company, Red Ladder Theatre Company, Orchard Theatre Company, Rent a Role, The Barbican Theatre, Dr Fosters Theatre Company, Wrights and Sites, The Young National Trust Theatre Company. As well as various photoshoots, role plays, alongside work with Granada and Yorkshire TV as well as the BBC. Jo also directed several plays, as well as acting, during this time, and set up a Cooperative Actors Agency in Plymouth, to try to secure acting work for actors living in the South West.

At the grand age of 41, she decided that she needed to be based more permanently at home, and that she needed a ‘sensible job’, in order to bring up her two sons, which led to training to be a Drama teacher, a job that Jo loved, and did for 17 years, teaching at Kingsbridge Community College and Saltash Community School.

Jo ‘retired’ from teaching in 2015, and is now back working in the theatre, as well as The Duck, Jo Directed the fourth immensely popular, open air production for the “Bard in the Yard” programme by the Barbican Theatre in 2018 as one of a number of ongoing projects.



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