The Duck Audio Recording

With our performances of The Duck cancelled for the foreseeable future in order to protect people, Rhi Lloyd-Williams (our writer) has kindly taken the time to record an audio version of our play, The Duck.

Without the beautiful performance by Lucy Theobald – shown left – this is a pared back interpretation of the play, that relies entirely on Rhi’s lyrical scripting and dulcet tones to draw you in.

We want to make The Duck available for as many people as possible at this time when so many of us have had our livelihoods disrupted. If you are on a low income and cannot afford to pay anything out at the moment you can choose to either pay less or nothing at all.

For those that would like to support those needing free copies, you can opt to pay for someone else’s download by paying for two or donating how ever much you would like.

Don’t forget that The Duck is one person’s experience of autism. It is possible that your own experience is quite different and that’s what makes the spectrum so brilliantly diverse. If you are autistic and don’t feel like you relate to everything in The Duck that doesn’t mean your experience is not equally as valid.

If you would like to read some more about The Duck from an accessibility point of view, you can find more information in our Frequently Asked Questions section as well as on our Performance Information page (be aware that this information relates to a live performance rather than the audio performance – there is no shouting or loud noises in the audio performance).

If you would like a copy of The Duck read by Rhi Lloyd-Williams, then please pay by clicking on the PayPal link below entering the amount you wish to pay from the list below.

  • £9.99 for one MP3 download
  • £19.98 for one MP3 download and a donation to cover someone else’s purchase
  • £However much you can afford or would like to give

Once payment and the form below has been received we will email you a link to download your MP3 of The Duck.

The audio file is 34 minutes 20 seconds long. We ask that you please do not share your copy online or with anyone else in order to protect the copyright.

Listen to an extract from The Duck here, read by Rhi Lloyd-Williams pictured above

Thank you for all your support.

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