The Duck’s Adventures

After an incredible 2018, where Lucy Theobald claimed the stage as The Duck, Autact Theatre CIC is excited to announce that we shall be swimming forth again in 2019.

This year we are looking forward to heading to Brighton, Oxford, Exeter, Cheltenham as well as many more. Keep an eye on our Productions Page for dates, times and links to where you can find tickets. Do check back regularly for updates, or you can follow us on our Twitter and Facebook Accounts for all the up to date information about performances and more.

You can also catch our playwright, Rhi Lloyd-Williams in her guise as poet, in Oxford as part of the Neither Use Nor Ornament, Arts Council England funded project, in collaboration with the OVADA Gallery this Spring.

Thank you to everyone who has offered support and who has come along to be a part of The Duck. We couldn’t do it without you! Happy 2019!

If you are interested in having The Duck perform at your venue, then please contact for more details

Artistic Autism Awareness

by Rhi Lloyd-Williams @outfoxgloved


It’s Autism Awareness Month, a time for everyone to be aware of autism. Is it hiding behind that lamppost? Is it watching from your closet? Will it clasp your leg with a leathery claw from beneath the bed?


Probably not. Probably.


Autism Awareness is a curious beast, being aware of autism is a bit like being aware that a foreign country exists; you’ve heard of it, you might know a few stereotypes about the people who live there, but beyond that, all most people really know is that it’s a bit… foreign.


Autism Awareness can feel like a sensory bombardment of clamouring noise. There are the people who hold up autism by the throat and denounce it as the enemy. There are the people who give it a patronising pat on the head and tell us all how weird autism is, but that it should be accepted anyway. There are a thousand voices crescendoing with Autism Awareness.


And somewhere beneath that noise, there’s a voice, or a sign, or a wave of a hand, of autistic people waiting to be listened to.


I’d love it if people were a little more aware of that voice. A little more willing to listen. When you’re talking about autism, you’re talking about people with a social processing condition, this doesn’t make us the most persistent social communicators. By definition, you might need to listen a little harder, seek us out, make a point of amplifying those voices.


This Autism Awareness Month I would love it if everyone used the time to seek out autistic voices and expression. Find the autistic artists, musicians, poets, read something by an autistic author, find a way to listen to a new perspective and see another angle. Be truly aware of autism and all its twists and turns.


Autism awareness doesn’t end on April the 30th, it’s a year-round thing, it’s a lifelong thing, it’s a human thing. If I can tempt you along to hear my voice through another’s lips in June, then I would very much love to see you there.


“The Duck” is my first play, it dances around stories and memories to give one angle of autism.


You can find where and when it will be performed here